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  • The Potential Matrix™ is a globally researched and used personal development model which enhances a person’s potential to achieve their desired success in life and at work
  • The Potential Matrix™ model was first presented in 2012 in the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland as a model for ‘Human Capital Development’ i.e. ‘Personal Development for You’
  • The model had since been elaborated in the ‘Potential Matrix(™)’ book, while seminars, workshops and human resources trainings have been done to companies and to the general public since 2012
  • Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and Intel have since engaged the creators to share about the Potential Matrix(™) with their staffs in boosting their Productivity and Profitability
  • The Potential Matrix(™) has been regarded as ‘The’ learning model to produce ‘Super Achievers’ and have been featured prominently in CEOs, Human Resources, Governmental and Youth Talents seminars across 38 countries featuring the book’s creators

The challenge: develop an original model that provides concrete strategies for emerging achievers like you.

Momentum of progress
towards your success
for Personal Development & Excellence
the Doubts & Limitations
in Your Life and Career

The Team

Michael Teoh


Michael Teoh is the Founder-Strategist of Thriving Talents, a company that consults and trains youth talents in companies and universities to succeed in life and work.

Ian Chew


Ian Chew is an entrepreneur in New Brunswick, Canada. Despite being only 23 this year, he has already founded Humans of Sackville, a Canadian Geographic featured visual journalism project.

Gavin Chanin

Prodigy Winemaker, Owner of Chanin Wine Company

Gavin chose to take the deep plunge by starting his own winery from scratch –Chanin Wine Company – at the age of 21.

Kethelo Xulu

Aspiring Medical Scientist, One Young World Delegate

Khethelo was the first person ever in his rural village to matriculate into a university and to successfully graduate with a degree.

Yichi Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO of startup Greedy Intelligence

Yichi Zhang is the CEO and co-founder of 1Checker, an English proofreading tool designed specifically for non-native speakers.

Parker Liautaud

Pole Explorer and Climate change Campaigner

Record-holder for the world’s youngest North Pole Explorer at the age of 15,Parker successfully reached the North Pole twice in 2011 and 2012.

Who should get the



If YOU, as a
want to Achieve Breakthrough Success in Life and at Work


If YOU, as a
want to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Followers


If YOU, as a
want to Achieve Breakthrough Success in Life and at Work


If YOU, as a
want to Unleash the Potential of Your Child for Success


If YOU, as an
want to Do & Achieve MUCH More


desire MEGA SUCCESS by transforming into a
Super Achiever

The answer: Potential Matrix – a model with the validation of 40 interviews with successful young achievers all around the world, as well as solid academic research.

What will you learn?

Learn the ‘Super Achievers’ Personal Process in using the Potential Matrix(™) to Get From Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be Every Time

Turn Your Limitations into Inspirations & Positive-focused Actions

Learn Step-by-Step about the 3 Core Elements which Forms the ‘Very Foundations’ of a Person’s High-Achieving Success

Master the 9 Fundamental Strategies & Traits for You to Learn and Model from the World’s Most Successful People from different Industries and Countries

Discover the Universal Principles for Creating & Sustaining Your Own Success in Life and at Work


Discover the story of a boy living in the poor rural South African

village,transforming his life to become the village’s 1st person to

enroll into university and now a scientist.

Discover how a dylexic boy who dropped out of school

during his early childhood, to become a world renowned

chocolitier and entrepreneur

Discover the journey of a young

teenager from Bangladesh is changing

the world through his voice and inspirations,

despite not having a formal education.

Discover the tale of how a girl who

raised 250,000 subscribers and

are inspiring lives over the internet 

from the comforts of her home -

Recognized as one of Singapore’s 

Most Inspiring Personalities.

Discover the strategies used by an entrepreneur

who transformed his mundane career in selling 

health products, to become the proud owner of

over 100+ chains of bubble tea stores.

Stories & strategies of our super-achievers have been featured on:














When Michael met Ian Chew, an education entrepreneur and Renaissance creative, Ian soon became the coauthor. The Potential Matrix movement was officially born.

Who is involved?



Ian Chew is an entrepreneur in New Brunswick, Canada. Despite being only 23 this year , he has already:

  • Founded Humans of Sackville, a Canadian Geographic featured visual journalism project with 6000+ Facebook fans.
  • Produced Potential Matrix (TM) at Thriving Talents, a talent development and solutions company which clients include Microsoft,Intel, Chatime, British High Commission, President Obama’s Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative and many more
  • Spearheaded branding at Teach For Canada, a national education not-for-profit.
  • Cofounded What’s A Puck, a Canada-wide international student platform, with support from a SSHRC grant.


Ian has been selected as a Pond Deshpande Centre Student Ambassador, Global Startup Youth delegate, Globe and Mail’s Student Advisory Council member. Ian believes in sharing leadership to empower teams, nurturing talents to empower individuals, and making introductions to empower connections. He can be reached at


Michael Teoh is a global speaker, consultant and trainer whose passion is geared towards developing the human potential for success. Throughout his life, he has already:

  • Founded Thriving Talents Pte. Ltd., a company that consults and trains people in companies and universities to succeed in life and at work. The company has worked with clients like Microsoft, Intel, the U.S. Embassy and the British High Commission, while having developed people from 38 countries
  • Got his work on consulting and developing talents featured on CNN, BBC, the United Nations and the Malaysia Book of Records
  • Received awards for his talent developmental work from PRESTIGE’s Top 40 under 40 Awards, the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s Most Enterprising Youth and the National Youth Icon of Malaysia
  • Co-curated TEDxKL and TEDxYouth@KL, from 2009 to 2014, transforming it to become the largest TEDx Talk in Asia
  • Been appointed as a ‘Global Advisor’ for Microsoft’s YouthSpark Initiative and a ‘Panel Expert’ for SAP’s Millennial at Work campaign


How many lives have we impacted?

People Trained Globally
Years of Research, Consulting & Training
Countries Inspired

Organisations Impacted by the Potential Matrix’s Books & Trainings:

McMillan Woods
British High Commission
Ministry of Education, Malaysia
Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiatives (YSEALI) by President Barack Obama
ASEAN Retail & Franchise Association
International Youth Centre (IYC)
Capital Asia Group
Silver Malaysia
Felda Global Ventures
Bursa Malaysia
US Embassy
United Nations
World Renown Marketeer, Alex Mandossian
Google Adwords Guru, Joel Comm
UK's #1 Business Coach, Mac Attram
Celebrity Actress and Warrior Power Trainer, Marjean Holden
Malaysian Internet Marketeer, Peng Joon
Asia's Youngest Wealth Coach, Jonathan Quek
International Best Selling Author, Gerry Roberts
Former ATP and International Personal Development Trainer, Tim Huynh

Just as how each team member and interviewee has grown in this journey, we want you to grow in yours: to unleash your potential and to leave your footsteps for many to follow.


Start your journey today with us by joining our campaign.

Potential Matrix will be a life-changing experience for you – just like it has been for us.



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