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Michael Teoh

 From the desk of Michael Teoh

 Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Dear Friend,

I WAS LIED! Hardwork, Sheer Determination & Passion DID NOT PAY OFF!

Have You Been Lied About Working Hard to Achieve Success?

I am Michael Teoh. I started my life, growing up in a small town in Penang, the northern state of Malaysia... Life was great, except I was very weak in sports.

And because of that I witnessed how bullying could plague a person's life. I was alienated and often bullied by my peers for being a weak in sports.

Imagine, having to sit by the corner of the class, shun away from your friends and teachers.

Life was depressing. In fact, there were days where I blamed everyone else for my misfortunes for not being good in sports.

It was during a pivotal point in my life when I was 15 that I decided to put EVERYTHING on the line! - It was my high school National Sports Day, a day witnessed by a roaring crowd of 900 people cheering for their favorite athletes!

I was going to use that National Sports Day as the day to prove all my skeptics wrong, especially the bullies.

I wanted to show them that I can indeed amount to something with sheer HARDWORK, DETERMINATION and a NEVER GIVE UP attitude!

I began training for 3 months, tirelessly each morning doing laps around my school field in a sport which I believed I could have a fighting chance of winning - A 100 meter sprint.

Finally, ‘D-day’ came! Time for me to show my school that Hardwork, Perseverance and Sheer Determination Will Pay!

I took my position at the starting line, all brave and determined...

What could possibly go wrong? I've spent countless hours training for this...I was CONVINCED...This is MY WAY to SUCCESS!

The Whistle Blew and My Destiny was Changed Forever

The referee instructed all of us to "Get ready...get set.."

"This is it, my time to shine!" I thought.

He blew the whistle and I ran for my life!

It only took 2 steps...1...2...and I slipped, falling facedown on the muddy ground below. It was filthy and dirty, but I wasn’t going to give up!

Suddenly, a loud scream echoed across the air, yelling at me "DON'T GET UP!! DON'T GET UP!!"

WHATTT??!! There has to be a mistake! We were taught to NEVER GIVE UP and keep getting up whenever we fall!

Little did I know, I had dislocated my left knee.

The pain was so bad that I couldn't feel legs anymore. There I was, lying down in a puddle of mud, being jeered and laughed at by 900 students. They didn't think I could do it...They never did...

I recalled, while lying down waiting for an ambulance to arrive, a group of Boy Scouts arrived at the scene literally to 'Jeer Me Up'. They asked me one question which would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER...

"Michael, does it hurt?"

Summoning whatever courage I had left, I replied, "What do you think?"

Since that day, I developed two Guiding Principles which have served me well throughout my life:

1) Never Wait for Opportunities. Create Your Own Opportunities.

People do not owe you a favor to make YOU successful! If you are a failure, you have no one to blame, but YOURSELF!

2) Walk with Kings. But Never Ever Lose that Common Touch.

I have been looked down, bullied, laughed at and jeered for my 'Handicap' of not being good in Sports. I was not their 'Ideal Poster Boy' but I would always remember those grim days in the past. A reminder for us that no matter how successful we become, let us never forget our roots and where we came from. Aim BIG, Dream BIG and Make Things BIG but never forget those who have helped us along the way.

The Bullying Didn't Stop...I was Trapped in a Cast, but I Discovered the Secrets towards a Fulfilling Life

I was told that my MIND was so EAGER to win but my body could not cope with that determination. 

My body gave way and the injury occurred. 

I found myself stuck in a cast which encased my entire left leg. I went to school in crunches. 

The bullying didn't stop. My cast became a 'Walking Graffiti Wall' filled with vulgarity.

I felt very humiliated and hurt, crying to myself every night.

One day, as I was reflecting on those challenging and depressing moments, I decided to turn my life around!

I finally understood that it was up to me to TAKE ACTION if I wanted to turn my life around.

I made a promise to myself that I would face challenges HEAD ON COURAGEOUSLY and I would COMMIT MYSELF to do things which others won't do conventionally.

I started participating in my school's debating, public speaking and drama competitions, launched my first business ventures (selling candle-like bears to couples during Valentines Day) and many more crazy adventures, even some not suitable for a 15 year old...

Guess what..I actually started WINNING - From competitions, to making a profit from my businesses, to even getting the attention for my work due to my young age!

I silenced the bullies, who today seek my help to guide them to chart out the right, most positive, productive and successful paths in their lives...

Mastering The Art Of Success

Since that fateful incident, I have been blessed to do business across 39 countries, to co-founding and co-owning at least 5 other different businesses, to consulting and working with the world's largest companies in the Fortune 500 List, to even meeting world leaders and having the chance to learn from them like:


Founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson


The 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama


Former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Anan


Founder & Group CEO of AirAsia, Mr. Tony Fernandes


Founder of the X Prize & Singularity University, Peter Diamandis


Father of Social Business & Founder of the Grameen Bank, Prof. Muhd. Yunus

It is such a humbling experience, for a small town boy like me, who was raised in a family where my grandparents were rubber tappers and my parents were running a school for poor kids in Malaysia, that my thoughts and voice on Personal Development for Millennials and youths have been featured on:

Michael Teoh CNN Interview with Richard Quest

CNN - Interviewed by Richard Quest about a world expedition encouraging people to do good

OYW - Sharing my thoughts on impact of social media on youth in Mashable Social Good Summit


BBC - Speaking to 2000 youths and top CEOs to convince them to invest in young people initiatives


ASEAN - Training  diplomats and civil service leaders from ASEAN about  working with Gen Y

Malaysian Book Of Records Record Holder

Malaysian Book of Records Holder for inspiring the world with global youth volunteerism initiative

To date, I have co-founded a leading talent development company focused on the 'Millennial Generation' called Thriving Talents, where we have helped many to pursue their dreams since our establishment in 2012, working with clients like:

US Embassy
United Nations

I have traveled to 39 countries, both doing business and in volunteering to assist their most DISADVANTAGED communities:

Constructing water tanks for poor villages in Peru, providing cleaner source of water to 20 poverty-striken families

Michael Teoh in Shanghai

Speaking to over 1,500 young women entrepreneurs in India about Succeeding in Life and in Busines

Michael Teoh Rescue and Restore the Endangered African Lions in the Wilds

Working with volunteers from 20 countries to Rescue and Restore the Endangered African Lions in the Wilds from Illegal Poachers

Michael Teoh in Shanghai

Speaking to over 2,000 delegates in Shanghai for the World Entrepreneurship Congress, highlighting the Empowerment of Youths in Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Hiking and Trailing across the Canadian Rockies to collect data on Global Warming and leading a campaign on promoting a 'Greener Earth'

Michael Teoh in Australia

Assisted the Flood Relief efforts in Queensland, Australia by leading teams of volunteer workers to rebuild damaged farmlands belonging to farmers

When I looked back at my difficult past, I asked myself...

If Hardwork wasn't the Formula to Success...What Is?

That question inspired me to go around the world, together with my Co-Author, Ian Chew, a youth who was once called a 'FREAK' in school to be today, a celebrated columnist (with Humans of Sackville), writer (with Huffington Post) and an acclaimed TEDx Speaker.

Ian Chew speaking at Tedx Moncton

Ian Chew speaking at TedxMoncton 2016

TEDxMoncton Ian Chew

Ian Chew sharing the stage with influencers at TedxMoncton 2016

Ian Chew Speaks on Anti-Bullying

Sharing with youth about Anti-Bullying

We went on a mission to discover, research and analyse, discuss and debate, compile and document, publish and spread to uncover the 'Formulas, Proven Strategies, Timeless Methods and most importantly, the Inspiration used by the world's highest achievers, record-setters and those most courageous PERSONALITIES in crafting their Legendary Lives and Legacies!

We were on the 'Hunt' for the world's greatest treasure - 'THE HUMAN POTENTIAL ON FIRE!'

Over 100,000 HOURS were put in by all of our interviewees backed by a resounding 16 people team of support staff to create THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS GUIDE for the New Age, the New Generations, the Millennials:

Potential Matrix



So..What is the Formula of Success?

It simply comes down to this:

THE RIGHT STRATEGY (Knowledge & Methods) + THE RIGHT EXPERIENCES (Learning from others' mistakes & victories) + THE RIGHT INSPIRATIONS (Knowing that YOU can accomplish your goals because others have in the past)

Our answer to accelerate your success as readers and learners of the Potential Matrix, our dedication, commitment and efforts to change the world by setting the 'Human Potential on FIRE!'

$17.00 ONLY

The Potential Matrix concepts have been used to train up talents in:

What is 

P O T E N T I A L  M A T R I X ?

  • The Potential Matrix® is a globally researched and used personal development model which enhances a person’s potential to achieve their desired success in life and at work
  • The Potential Matrix model was first presented in 2012 in the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland as a model for ‘Human Capital Development’ i.e. ‘Personal Development for You’
  • The model had since been EXPANDED in the Potential Matrix, while seminars, workshops, keynote speeches and human resources training have been delivered to top executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and the general public since 2012
  • Over 10,000 people across the world have been positively impacted by the Potential Matrix, through our seminars, online workshops
  • Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft, Intel, General Electric and Sony have since engaged the creators to share about the Potential Matrix with their staffs in boosting their Productivity and Profitability
  • The Potential Matrix has been regarded as ‘The’ learning model to produce ‘Super Achievers’ and have been featured prominently in CEOs, Human Resources, Governmental and Youth Talents seminars across 39 countries featuring the Potential Matrix creators

a strategy guide  to unlock your potential for success 

Have you ever wondered how people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey achieve success in their life? Were they just lucky? Super smart? Or raised differently?

Have you ever wondered if you too can achieve more than you could ever imagine? That you have untapped hidden potential waiting to be unleashed?

What if I told you that success is purely science that can be easily replicated by anyone no matter what age or circumstances you are in. Yes even if you are a young person, you can achieve the success you desire.

What if I told you that you can ACCELRATE, FAST-TRACK your success, while avoiding all the failures, stops and pitfalls that will hold you from your dreams?

Both authors Michael Teoh and Ian Chew went on a mission to discover the correlation of success with science, through intensive research studying Globally Successful High Achievers (at their young age!) such as Khethelo Xulu, Parker Liautaud, YiChi Zhang, Gavin Chanin and many others, they’ll reveal the secrets that these ‘Super Achievers’ use to achieve breakthroughs in their life and career in the Potential Matrix.

IMAGINE - What if you learnt all their tricks & treats to become successful with little to no risk!

In this step-by-step guide, Michael and Ian uncovers the 3 core elements which forms the very foundation of a Person’s high achieving success. This simple and proven strategies will help you discover the universal principles for creating and sustaining your own success in life and at work.

Within 24 hours of learning the Potential Matrix concepts, you can create momentum of FAST progress to get you closer to your success and dreams!

Be it wealth, fame, rich networks, noble contributions, earning a place in the world records or even becoming a caring leader for your community and country! Potential Matrix will show you how!

Did I mention that one interviewee is now in the running to become the Youngest Woman ever elected into the US Congress? Well, everything is possible!

Read on! Give yourself a life-changing gift!

$17.00 ONLY



Poor village boy to Medical Scientist, One Young World Ambassador, Top 200 Young South Afican

Parker LiaUtaud

Polar Explorer and Climate Change Campaigner, Honoured by The White House as Champion of Change


Cofounder of Startup Greedy Intelligence, Founder of IChecker


Prodigy Winemaker, Owner of Chanin Wine Company, Forbes 30 under 30 


Globally Recognized Environmental Advocate, Potential Youngest Congresswoman


Founder of Education Perfect,  Winner of Computer World Excellence Awards, Internet Entrepreneur of the Year


CEO of Chatime Malaysia, Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year Award


One Young World Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach & Author


Co-Founder of Sterio.me, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum


Founder and CEO of Global Cycle Solutions, Forbes 30 under 30


Founder of Personal Excellence, Life Coach, Speaker, Top 30 Coaches in the World


CEO of Mindvalley Arabic, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Winner of Mr World Canada Title, Community Commerce Legend, Founder of $1 Dollar Projects


Startup Investor,  Serial Entrepreneur, Inc's Top 30 under 30, Dubbed Latin America's Mark Zuckerberg


Director of  The Missing Millennium Development Goal, One Young World Speaker


Founder of Inspire1Million Campaign, Mosaic Entrepreneur of the Year


The Queen of Social Media, Founder of Zen Marketing, International Keynote Speaker, Forbes 30 under 30


Receipient of NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award, Award-winning Speaker, Bestselling Author


Google Product Manager, Technical Director of Oxford Entrepreneurs


Canadian Internet Entrepreneur, Canada's Top 20 Under 20, Forbes 30 Under 30


Founder of Humans of Amsterdam, online photography project with over 100,000 followers


Singer-songwriter,  Youtube Superstar, The BrandLaureate Grandmaster Brand Icon Leadership Award


Prominent Model/ Actress/Television Host in Asia, Recipient of Best Actress Award

Rebeca Hwang

Co-founder of Rivet Ventures, YouNoodle, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader


Speaker, Founder of NGO Indonesian Future Leaders, Forbes 30 under 30


Visionary Leader, Speaker, Engineer, Global Shaper of World Economic Forum, Semana Magazine's Top 30 Under 30


Founder of Ekseif, CEO of Successful Modelling Agency, Cartier Women's Initiative Award Recipient


Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Forbes 30 under 30

Sabrine Elkhodr

Social Entrepreneur, Founder of The Paper Bag and Green Scarf Day Foundation


Award-winning Chocolatier, Barry Callebaut World Chocolate Ambassador, owner of Louis Barnett Chocolates


Founder of SafeCity and DesiCrew, Tedx Speaker, Nominee for MTV Youth Icon


Writer, Activist, ASHOKA Young Changemakers Award, Media Indonesia's 40 Most Influential People Award


Author, Disaster Expert, Forbes 30 under 30


Artist, Forbes 30 Under 30


Founder of China Youthlogy

Veena SiDHU

Senior Partner at Mindvalley, Cofounder of Authentic Woman, Internet Marketeer


Multimedia Artist, Singer-songwriter, Vogue Japan Woman of The Year


Award-winning Multidisciplinary Designer, Art Director, Partner at NY Creative Agency 


Tech Innovator, Co-Founder of Seven Startups 

Michael Teoh


National Youth Icon,  World Youth Traveller Awards Winner, Founder of Thriving Talents, One Young World Ambassador


Learn the ‘Super Achievers’ Personal Process, of how they spent Thousands of Hours, Perfecting their Skills, so that you can Fast-Track, to Get from Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be, Every Time

Turn Your Limitations & ‘Self Beatdown!’ into Positive Goals, Inspirations and a ‘Turbo-Charged Lift Up!

Learn and Be Guided ‘Step-by-Step‘ about the 3 Core Success Elements which Form the ‘Very Foundations’ of a Person’s High-Achieving Behaviours & Habits, and Develop a Plan to Achieve Them!

Master the 9 Fundamental Strategies & Traits for You to Learn and Model from the World’s Most Successful People from different Industries and Countries

Discover the Universal Principles for Creating & Sustaining Your Own Success in Life and at Work

$17.00 ONLY

* Image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.​


First, even though I could easily charge people THOUSANDS for this information... because it will enable them to have more success than they ever imagined, I'd rather just provide an offer that's just too hard to resist.

If you say yes today, I'll give you everything... no catch... for ONE investment of $17.

Regular Price $37.00 

Price $17.00

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As my "thank you" to you for saying yes today, I'm going to give you four bonuses.

Many people asked me why am I giving out my best stuff at such an outrageous price. My answer, I want to help you consume Potential Matrix concepts as easily as possible.

And I want to give you four of them today if you say yes.

BONUS: Potential Matrix WORKSheet

This workbook will help you process the content, contextualize it for yourself, and walk away with a clear Success Action Plan. Use the workbook after reading each chapter to cement your understanding of Potential Matrix Concepts. 

* Image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.​

BONUS: Potential Matrix Cheat Sheet

These cheat sheets will summarize important strategies of each Global Achiever in beautiful printable graphics for easy reference. It was created to boost your productivity and save time learning. 

* Image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.​


The Potential Matrix Community Group is an inner circle of participants, mentors and experts who have attended or have an interest in harnessing the strategies towards life's successes. Be a part of a growing community of like-minded people that will encourage and motivate you to be the best you can be.

* Image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.​


Get your access pass for 1-hour online webinar event* where I will walk you through the content and take questions live. 

In this private webinar, I will reveal:

  • How do you discover, identify & leverage on your strengths to unleash your full potential
  • Knowing & launching the RIGHT start to your career and life’s pursuits!
  • Crafting the right set of strategies, action plans and vision to achieve the GOALS which were meant to be for you
  • Master proven techniques to MASTER your mind, body, impact and heart in everything you do
  • Unleash new ideas that will contribute towards your development as a ‘Whole Person’ destined for greatness in life

*Date TBA

* Image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.​



Michael Teoh is a global speaker, consultant and trainer whose passion is geared towards developing the human potential for success. Throughout his life, he has already:

    • Founded Thriving Talents Pte. Ltd., a company that consults and trains people in companies and universities to succeed in life and at work. The company has worked with clients like Microsoft, Intel, the U.S. Embassy and the British High Commission, while having developed people from 38 countries
    • Got his work on consulting and developing talents featured on CNN, BBC, the United Nations and the Malaysia Book of Records
    • Received awards for his talent developmental work from PRESTIGE's Top 40 under 40 Awards, the Global Entrepreneurship Week's Most Enterprising Youth and the National Youth Icon of Malaysia
    • Co-curated TEDxKL and TEDxYouth@KL, from 2009 to 2014, transforming it to become the largest TEDx Talk in Asia
    • Been appointed as a 'Global Advisor' for Microsoft's YouthSpark Initiative and a 'Panel Expert' for SAP's Millennial at Work campaign


Ian Chew is an entrepreneur in New Brunswick, Canada. Despite being only 23 this year , he has already:

    • Founded Humans of Sackville, a Canadian Geographic featured visual journalism project with 6000+ Facebook fans.
    • Produced Potential Matrix (TM) at Thriving Talents, a talent development and solutions company which clients include Microsoft,Intel, Chatime, British High Commission, President Obama’s Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative and many more
    • Spearheaded branding at Teach For Canada, a national education not-for-profit.
    • Cofounded What’s A Puck, a Canada-wide international student platform, with support from a SSHRC grant.

Ian has been selected as a Pond Deshpande Student Ambassador, Global Startup Youth delegate, Globe and Mail’s Student Advisory Council member. Ian believes in sharing leadership to empower teams, nurturing talents to empower individuals, and making introductions to empower connections.



You are a College Graduate or Young Professional who want to Discover your Life Purpose as you start to make your Mark on the World.


You want to Unleash the Full Potential of Yourself to Lead, Mentor & Guide Your Followers and Teams towards GREATNESS...So that you can Multiply Your Passion & Awesome Work!


You want To Do & Achieve So Much More...By Arming Yourself with the Ideas & Strategies to Potentially Build Your Million to Billion Dollars Ventures


You are Tired of Waiting for the Next Promotion...You KNOW You have WHAT IT TAKES to Lead! Achieve Your Breakthrough in Success at Life and in the Corporate Boardroom


You know your child is destined to become the next Startup Millionaire or top CEO, or the Greatest talent ever...Arm them with these Strategies and Mindset Shifts that will Get Them Ahead


Who has a Dream, who Believes in it and who wants to Get to that 'Mega Success!' celebration in a Fast-Track way! Here are the ideas for you!

What People Say About Potential Matrix

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • ​Potential Matrix Digital Edition
  • Potential Matrix Worksheets 
  • Potential Matrix Cheat Sheets
  • Exclusive Invitation to Potential Matrix Community
  • Admission to Potential Matrix LIVE!

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To your new found success,

Michael Teoh

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